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DFW Box Truck Roll-Up Door Repair

Our team specializes in Whiting and Todco commercial truck and trailer doors – parts, sales, service & repairs. We can replace tracks, rollers, cables, panels, locking hardware, springs, operators on both roll-up and swing style doors. In addition, we also do complete door replacements too.

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Rollup Door Repair Process:

Roll up Door Front

Roll-up doors are comprised of many unique elements that require repair or maintenance over the life of your truck. We routinely replace or adjust rollers, hinges, door operators, door panels and door tracks. We can even replace the entire door if needed. We carry a wide range of roll-up door parts in stock and ready for install.

Door panels also eventually need to be replaced due to wear and tear. This repair requires trimming the new door panel to fit along with installing new hinges and roller hardware. New door panels come primed and will require repainting which we accomplish in our 50ft paint booth.

Roll up Door Repair

The door featured is a new Whiting rollup door that showcases the high quality fit and finish of a properly installed door. The locking hardware needs to be easy to use and properly secure the door. On older doors, alignment can become an issue or the mechanism itself can wear out and need replacement. Another item the can break is the door cables. There are two door cables that attach to the operator and the bottom of the roll-up door. As the name implies, door cables are cables that assist in opening and closing the door. These cables can break or need adjustment over the life of the door

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