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If you have a box truck, delivery truck, bobtail, straight truck or semi-trailer that needs repair, you’ve come to the right place. Industrial Power Truck & Equipment specializes in servicing and repairing every aspect of medium-duty bodies and semi-trailers.

Industrial Power Truck & Equipment has an 18 bay paint & body shop that specializes in box and semi-trailer repair. We’ll get your truck or semi-trailer back on the road and back in business! Whether you’ve got a small delivery cut-away, medium-duty box truck or a semi-trailer—we can handle all of your box or trailer repairs.

Some of our most routinely serviced box manufacturers:

  • Supreme Truck Bodies
  • Smyrna Truck Bodies
  • Morgan Truck Bodies
  • Mickey Truck Bodies
  • Reading Truck Bodies
  • Todco Rollup Truck Doors
  • Whiting Rollup Truck Doors

Our team of experts specializes in the following services:

  • Roof repair
  • Corner Caps
  • Radius Repair and Replacement
  • Rollup Door repair
  • Swing Door repair
  • Side Panels
  • Marker and Interior Light Wiring
  • Floor Repair
  • E-Track Installation
  • Scuff Boards
  • Paint
  • Box and Body Wraps
  • Lift repair and service
  • Complete box and body replacements

Corner Cap Repair

Corner Cap replacement is our #1 box repair. Given the popularity of this repair, we keep stock of corner caps for all of the major body manufacturers. Corner cap replacement can be done in one day as long as the damage does not extend beyond the corner cap.

The first step in a corner repair is to determine the extent of the damage. If the damage does not go beyond the corner cap, it is a straight forward repair. It begins with disconnecting the marker light wiring and removing the damaged corner cap. Then we thoroughly clean and remove any remaining sealant and adhesive. Next, the new corner cap is test fitted. Frequently the top and side radius has to be adjusted to fit the new corner cap. If this is not properly done, the new cap can leak or crack as a result of improper fitment.

Once fit is assured, sealant is applied and the corner cap is attached to the box with either bolts or rivets. Then the marker light wires are reattached and an external sealant is applied. After the sealant has had time to dry (approximately two hours), a leak test is performed which completes the process.

Box Truck Repair

If you have a truck box or semi-trailer that is damaged, we can fix it! Box & Semi-Trailer repair is our specialty. Whether it is a corner cap or major accident damage, our team of highly qualified technicians can have your truck back on the road and back in business!

The picture above is an example of a truck box that has received extensive damage. This is a routine repair and will require new z-posts, side panels, top radius, side radius, a new corner cap and a full roof replacement. Our facility is built to meet the demands of several fleets and for that reason we keep many of these important elements in stock and ready for use. We also have all necessary tools & scaffolding needed to get the job done quickly and safely!

Roll Up Door Repair

Rollup doors are comprised of many unique elements that require repair or maintenance over the life of your truck. The picture above is taken from the inside of a truck box and highlights several of the critical parts that we work on every day. We routinely replace or adjust rollers, hinges, door operators, door panels and door tracks. We can even replace the entire door if needed. We carry a wide range of rollup door parts in stock and ready for install.

The door featured is a new Whiting rollup door that showcases the high quality fit and finish of a properly installed door. The locking hardware needs to be easy to use and properly secure the door. On older doors, alignment can become an issue or the mechanism itself can wear out and need replacement. Another item the can break is the door cables. There are two door cables that attach to the operator and the bottom of the rollup door. As the name implies, door cables are cables that assist in opening and closing the door. These cables can break or need adjustment over the life of the door.

Door panels also eventually need to be replaced due to wear and tear. This repair requires trimming the new door panel to fit along with installing new hinges and roller hardware. New door panels come primed and will require repainting which we accomplish in our 50ft paint booth.

As Industrial Power’s Body Shop Manager, I will be happy to assist you with all of your commercial truck paint and body needs. It is my goal to be a valued partner and resource when it comes to maintaining your trucks. If you have any questions or would like to get a quote on any of our body shop services, please give me a call or click here to schedule an appointment


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